General information about Del-Ca-Mag

Calcium and magnesium are two of the most important minerals for the health of animals. They are involved in their growth and development procedures, as well as in the maintenance of acid-basic balance, in the activation of enzymes, in the moderation of muscle excitability and interfere in the phenomena of energy transfer.

Therefore, the calcium is necessary for the operation of every organ and cell. It is involved in most of metabolic activities and it is essential in the assimilation of all the other minerals and nutritive substances. The insufficient quantity of calcium influences the reproduction function on taurine, ovine etc. It has to be mentioned that for the milk synthesis, a great part of calcium quantity is taken over from bones which provides a relevant input of calcium in food. In addition, on layer fowls, the calcium is used as well in forming the egg shell. A high production of eggs involves as well a good supply of calcium to the fowl body from fodder. The magnesium participates in the metabolism of proteins, glucide, lipids and nucleic acids and it is indispensable for the metabolization of mineral substances (Ca, P, Na, K), as well as in the assimilation of C vitamin. The magnesium increases the resistance of body to infections and it is involved in the processes of release and consumption of energy.

Calcium and magnesium have a special importance in maintaining a proper mineralisation of bone structures and are involved in the procedures of muscle contraction and transmission of nervous impulses. A good source of calcium and magnesium is crucial for the maintenance on normal values of the percentage of the two macro-minerals from the bodies of animals (blood, tissues, muscles, bones).

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In the opinion of grower Gheorghe Ciocan from the Oaș area, the apple crop is surprising this year than they expected. “In our area, the crop is good once within two years...
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I have used DEL-CA-MAG for the first time on plum and apple trees. The apples did not fall as they used to and they didn’t have black spots either as in the previous years ...
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