Frequently asked questions

1. How can Del-Ca-Mag be used?
Del-Ca-Mag is being used as amendment, as source of calcium and magnesium for the cultivation of plants and fodders, for milk cows and farm and country chickens, in order to provide the necessary of calcium, to improve the growing performances of young taurine and to increase the performances and to improve the immune answer of young poultry.

2. Which are the beneficial effects of Del-Ca-Mag?

  • Provides increased bioavailability of calcium ions comparatively to lime carbonate;
  • The treatment with dolomite of soils increases the performance of cultures by 30%, the fruits are healthier, there are less cultures affected by pest;
  • Significant modification of the body weight of youngsters and young  taurine;
  • Prevents the vituler fever after whelping;
  • Increase of milk production by 1.5 L/head/day;
  • Increase of milk fat content by 0.5%.

3. How to use Del-Ca-Mag?

  • On fruit trees 2 – 3 kg. Del-Ca-Mag for each tree depending on the size of the tree.
  • On vegetables 3 tones/ha – every 3 years, recommended in autumn, but it is applied in any season.
  • For small lots, 0,300 kg/sq m are calculated.
  • The same quantity may be used as well in the cultivation of grape vine.
  • For field cultures, the doses range between 2 – 8 tones/ha, depending on the acidity of soil.
  • Among the main field cultures, the corn, the sun flower and wheat are plants sensitive to acid reaction of soil, prefer a weak acid to alkaline reaction by pH 6 -7. Consequently, if the soil acidity is pH 5 – 6, the quantity necessary to amend the acidity of heavy, clay soils is of 3 -3.5 tones/ha, and for light, sandy soils of 2 – 2.5 tones/ha. It is applied every 3 – 4 years.

Farm animals

The product is provided in fodder (combined forage, off-corn, flours), as follows:

  • milk cows – 175 g /day;
  • young taurine (5 – 15 months) – 120 g /day;
  • young taurine (after weaning up to 5 months) – 50 g/day;
  • forbidden to provide to suckling calves.
  • farm youngsters – first 10 days of life: 1.8 g %;
  • farm youngsters - between 11-22 days: 1.66 g %;
  • farm youngsters - between 23-42 days: 1.51 g %;
  • country youngsters – between 1-150 days: 2g/day.

4. Which are the contraindications of Del-Ca-Mag?
Del-Ca-Mag has no contraindication or side effects.

5. From where can you purchase Del-Ca-Mag?
Call on the phone number: +4-0742 141 071, the orders are delivered on domicile or at the address indicated by you.

6. How is Del-Ca-Mag preserve?
The product is preserved in a dry place, under 25°C.



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