What is Del-Ca-Mag?

Mineral supplement of veterinary use

calcium lime - 32,02%
magnesium oxide - 20,27%

The effects of Delnița dolomite, known as DEL-CA-MAG, in the productivity of farms, were tested up to present by hundreds of farmers who noticed obvious increases in the production of milk cows and weight of meat youngsters. It provides to milk cows the necessary of calcium indispensable for the synthesis of milk and it is also recommended in the cases of hypocalcaemia, tetany, toxicoses, rachitis, osteomalacia, acetoneuria, anaemia. It improves the growth performances of young taurine and increases the performances, improves the immune answer of young poultry.

 A new study shows that Delnița dolomite has beneficial effects on soils as well. The use of dolomite is a 100% natural solution which may be used for the increase of productivity for a range of important cultures such as fruit trees, potatoes or grape vine. The use of dolomite as calcium and magnesium input for the soils cultivated with plants provides them resistance to snapping and falling, through the essential role in the development of radicular system and stalks.

The dolomite does not exercise phytotoxic effects on plants, not even in higher quantities (being however considered the only ion with such property) and by its absence it influences negatively the absorption of phosphoric ions and nitrates. The mineral maintains the calcium pectates for a longer time in the fruit pulp, providing them higher resistance for maintaining and introducing positive effects in the resistance of plants to the attacks of diseases and pests” is stated in the study.

The dolomite may be used to complete the necessary of magnesium, as amendment to correct the soil acidity, with better effects than lime carbonate, mainly for the cultures which cannot incur an excess of calcium, such as the potatoes, flax and celery.


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